An enduring partnership into the blue: MAAS celebrates long-term relationship with Ryanair.

MAAS Aviation’s relationship with Ryanair spans more than four decades, dating back to when the airline was founded in the 1980’s. MAAS has significantly grown during this time, and Ryanair has become Europe’s largest airline group – operating over 3,000 flights per day. Both companies have a strong focus on quality, attention to detail and the highest delivery standards, and it is these shared values that has enabled their positive partnership to thrive throughout this time.

Forty years on, and MAAS still paints Ryanair’s aircraft and is responsible for ensuring the high-quality appearance of the carrier’s fleet of over 500 Boeing jets.

Airlines place huge emphasis on differentiating themselves through the use of innovative cabin interior products and by having an equally innovative high-quality external livery applied to their aircraft. Ryanair is very proud of its fleet and demands the highest of standards in terms of gloss-retention and colour stability, as well as overall longevity of the coating’s performance.

“Our relationship with MAAS is built on consistently delivering an outstanding quality product, on time, every time. With the Ryanair Group fleet now standing at over 500 aircraft, it is essential to have suppliers like MAAS that have grown alongside us that can meet and exceed our exacting standards. We look forward to many more years working together as the fleet grows to over 600 aircraft by 2025.”
Adam Hale, Head of Base Maintenance, Ryanair

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