January 26, 2024 News

CCO, Richard Marston speaks to AviTrader about MRO outlook for 2024

Last month, our CCO Richard Marston spoke with AviTrader about what’s to come for the MRO sector in 2024.

Giving insights alongside other market leaders, Marston discussed the inevitable rise of AI as well as the challenges that the industry is still set to face this coming year.

Marston comments, “automation of certain parts of the painting process is likely to be the next big jump forward. Possibilities for 3-D printing and aircraft wrapping are being explored by all the OEMs as they look at how the process can be enhanced. But this is still
a long way off in my opinion as there are many challenges ahead, not to mention huge investment needed, before these advances become economically viable and a reality in the mainstream.”

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Article courtesy of AviTrader.

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