January 6, 2022 News

Global Market Outlook 2022: A New Era for MRO?

How will the MRO industry fare in 2022? Which regions will recover quickest from the pandemic? And what are the innovations to watch? Jason Holland from MRO Management spoke to a selection of the sector’s biggest names, including Richard Marston of MAAS Aviation, to get the answers.

“It is evident that the MRO industry is finding new ways to build partnerships with customers, OEMs, and each other, to manage the continued impact of Covid-19,” says director customer services, marketing & sales Europe Richard Marston.

MAAS Aviation is therefore among those companies in the MRO industry focused on developing these strategic relationships and globally located hubs of expertise, in its case for aircraft painting aligned to base maintenance facilities. Marston adds: “We established a blueprint for this with our new facility in Kaunas, Lithuania that opened in February 2021. This is sited adjacent to FL Technics’ maintenance hangar and the close proximity has enabled us to build a streamlined centre of excellence for aircraft transitions where aircraft painting flows seamlessly into the mix. Airline and lessor customers alike find the cost savings, improved turnaround times, and overall reduction in complex logistics that is provided by this partnership to be extremely worthwhile.”

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