Egeria are pragmatic and no-nonsense investors who believe in growth and cooperation. They aim to be value-adding partners every step of the way and work closely with the experienced and knowledgeable MAAS Aviation management team. Through an active partnership, combined with the vision of long-term ownership, Egeria support companies in their various growth paths. Egeria Evergreen has an international investment focus on European and North American globally operating companies active in niche industries.

Egeria firmly believe that people make the difference, that investments in digitalization are key to achieve sustainable growth and that excellence in everything a Company does make it stand out from the crowd. They strive to be the best owner for companies that aim for sustainable and long-term outperformance in their respective industries.

Egeria encourages growth initiatives that drive sustainable value creation rather than short-term gains. The common denominators they seek in their investments include strong market positions, sustainable business models and committed teams. They are the perfect partner for MAAS Aviation.


Our customers

We deliver expert aircraft finishing and re-finishing services to manufacturers, passenger and cargo airlines, leasing companies, MROs, private owner-operators and military customers.