Sustainability and the Environment

Our aim is to foster the best combination of performance and sustainability across our multi-site operation.

We work continuously with paint manufacturers to ensure the high-performance aerospace coatings we use not only look superb but also reduce aircraft weight to improve fuel efficiency, thereby reducing emissions. Further sustainability initiatives include safe and effective corrosion inhibiting coatings for both exterior and structural applications on aircraft.

We operate state-of-the-art facilities of our own design. Our paint shops incorporate digitized building management systems to monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the paint shop and paint storage areas during the pre-paint preparation, painting and curing processes, providing objective data points which validate the conformance to material specifications.

Emergency response measures include fire protection systems compliant to the NFPA 409 standard, waste management systems to manage the flow, separation, storage and disposal of hazardous materials, and hangar lighting systems illuminate working areas on and around the aircraft at measurements up to 1,000 lux.

Read more about our approach to sustainability at MAAS here: Environmental responsibility by design.


Our customers

We deliver expert aircraft finishing and re-finishing services to manufacturers, passenger and cargo airlines, leasing companies, MROs, private owner-operators and military customers.