We are inspired by the ‘colours in flight’ of our planet’s birds, insects, mammals and even fish.

Protecting the dynamic, curious and exhilarating spirit of the natural world is at the heart of the MAAS way. Our environmental policies, corporate, and social activities reflect this ethos at all times.

The MAAS way can be summed up in four simple words:

We are mindful of others. We mind about the quality of our work. We listen to our customers, colleagues and partners. We evaluate before we act. We strive to minimise our impact on the environment and to provide the safest working conditions to ensure the welfare of our employees.

Our team spirit underpins our ‘can do’ attitude. We are leaders and innovators, not followers. At MAAS we have the capability and skills to deliver world class results. We conduct ourselves with professionalism, integrity and transparency. We share accountability. We are real, we are us. We don’t pretend otherwise.

Driven by a passion to achieve success, we consistently deliver programmes to meet the highest standards. Quality is our watchword, we strive to excel in what we do.

Through a community spirit founded on deep respect we support each other. We achieve our goals through collaboration and long-term partnerships. With the customer at the heart of everything we do we find ways to optimise every challenge and opportunity for mutual benefit. We work to build a better future and fulfil our potential. We share success with everyone that contributes.