Environmental responsibility by design. It’s such an integral part of the MAAS Aviation business model that we have a dedicated Environmental Manager to oversee all elements of our sustainability programme.

  • All our facilities are designed to manage waste from our processes responsibly, with waste materials recycled wherever possible.
  • No waste chemicals or contaminated water from washing or water-break testing end up out on the apron, because our facilities have underground sump systems built under the floor of our hangars.
  • Our unique recycling technologies allow us to recover 80% of the solvents we use.
  • Each MAAS Aviation paint shop uses paper and plastic sheeting equivalent to the size of 35 football/soccer pitches every year. All this waste material is fully recycled.
  • All our facilities are ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified.
  • We also work closely with major aircraft paint manufacturers to ensure we are using the latest technology coatings and techniques, enabling reduction in fuel usage and carbon emissions during the lifetime of the aircraft.

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