The wisdom of white paint

Just because a private jet can be any colour combination under the sun doesn’t mean that owners want to stand out from the crowd. But why is white so popular?

All aircraft start out green due to their undercoat of zinc phosphate primer. They can stay green, but they are normally painted white before delivery to the customer and MAAS has discovered that there are some interesting reasons for this:

Thermal advantage
White reflects sunlight, unlike other colours, which absorb some of the rays. This means the cabin stays cooler.

Blank canvas
White is the perfect background colour for the owners or manufacturer’s branding.  From a discreet motif to a simple body stripe, or the application of bolder decals – a private jet can be the ultimate flying poster site.

Increased resale value
New owners can easily have small sections repainted in their own livery.  A neutral paint finish is attractive to charter customers seeking discretion.

Reduced fade
White paint ages better than most other colours because it doesn’t fade in sunlight at high altitudes unlike deeper shades.  So re-painting is less frequent.

Safety considerations
The reflective surface of a white aircraft is more easily spotted at night and in the sky.  Also exterior deterioration such as cracks or oil leaks are easily seen on a white surface. This is a great help for maintenance and safety.

A clean aircraft is fuel-efficient
Dirt adds drag which affects fuel-economy and impacts the environment. So while white aircraft may be harder to keep clean there are other advantages.

White is traditional
Research has shown that most people feel more comfortable and secure flying in a white aircraft.

But there’s white and there’s super-fabulous-ultra-high-net-worth white
Spectacular iridescent effects, shimmering sparkles, subtle graduations and intricate patterns can all be created within a white base.  MAAS is ready to add the white wow factor to the most luxurious colour.

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