Understanding what makes MAAS different

All flying foxes are fruit bats, but not all fruit bats are flying foxes. Likewise, globally there are many aircraft paint shops, but they are not all versatile MAASters of the art.

Aircraft are painted for protection against corrosion, they are also a powerful brand statement. It does not matter if the operator is a legacy carrier, a cargo transporter, a regional or low-cost airline, or an ultra-high-net-worth individual – the appearance of each aircraft in their fleet is paramount.

After the common parameters of capability, slot availability and fair price have been compared, what characteristics set an aircraft painting and exterior coating expert like MAAS Aviation apart?

Our customers say that MAAS delivers ‘an unrivalled value for money proposition & customer experience’. We build long-term customer partnerships including the largest narrowbody operators in EMEA.

MAAS Aviation has OEM qualified paint shop facilities with dedicated facilities for Airbus in Europe and the US.

Backed by our investors, Egeria, MAAS has the financial partners to guarantee stability and minimise risk across our global footprint of eleven multi-specialist paint shop facilities. They actively support our business trajectory with investments, add-on acquisitions, and international growth strategies.

An integral part of the MAAS Aviation business model, all our facilities are designed to manage waste from our processes responsibly, with waste materials recycled wherever possible.

With a proven track record of delivering industry-leading TATs, highly trained and experienced teams approach every project with a reassuring and steadfast focus on quality.

* Fruit bats comprise all bat species that consume fruit in their diet, including some microbats. The term ‘flying fox’ refers to members of the group of large fruit bats belonging to the genus Pteropus.

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