February 9, 2024 News

'What you can do with a 'can-do' attitude' - MAAS CEO and CCO feature in exclusive with MRO Management

Since our beginning 40 years ago, MAAS has come a long way in the aircraft painting and coatings sector. MRO Management’s editor, Craig Waters interviewed MAAS Aviation CEO, Jan van Engelen, and CCO, Richard Marston, for an exclusive on our company’s 40-year journey, highlighting the influential role of its ‘can-do’ attitude throughout and into the future.

“I think that at the core of our company’s DNA are several defining elements that have consistently shaped our identity – a commitment to exceptional quality, a concern for the well-being of our people and an inherent customer-centric approach,” van Engelen comments.

Marston adds, “Everybody’s extremely proud of the high quality painting work we turn out, and that runs right through from the people that order the materials to the team members who book paint job slots, and of course the talented painters who make the aircraft exteriors look amazing. It is great to be part of a team that is immensely proud of what we do.”

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Article courtesy of MRO Management.

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