April 14, 2023 Announcements

Creating Painting MAASters: Learning to Paint the right way

From novice to MAASter – ever wondered how aircraft painting is taught?

In the latest issue of Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) magazine, our COO-USA, Geoff Myrick talks to editor Walker Jaroch about MAAS Aviation’s in-house training for aircraft painters.

Geoff comments: “Our program has been developed and refined over a 30 year period. It’s adapted to changes in process and technology. The constant in MAAS’ program is the standard itself. No matter how the industry evolves and changes, our expectations do not. We expect our team members to be the best aircraft painters in the world, and we structure our training and developmental programs accordingly.”

MAAS calculates that a painter can be trained within 6-8 months of beginning a MAAS painting training course. Painters are taught the importance of preparation, technique and above all safety in completing an aircraft livery. Safety in fact, as Myrick highlights in the article, is MAAS’ “number one priority,” he adds “Ultimately, everyone’s skill progression and advancement will be unique; however, if we provide the conditions, training and expectations for people safety at work, we maintain a positive health and safety culture.”

Interested to find out how you become a MAASter aircraft painter? Read the full article – Learn to Paint the right way.

For the PDF version, click here.

Article courtesy of Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) magazine.

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