May 23, 2023 Announcements

In Memory of Darragh Hall

It is with immense sadness that we share the passing of Darragh Hall, the founder and visionary behind the success of MAAS Aviation.

Darragh was one of the two founding members of Expressair Aviation which came to be known as MAAS Aviation – the other was Harry Ryan. Along with Harry, Darragh was a member of an elite group of entrepreneurs who pioneered independent aircraft painting in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s.

He was active in steering the company right up to his retirement in May 2019 and saw the company grow from humble beginnings into an aircraft painting company of global significance. In addition to being the entrepreneurial visionary behind the success of MAAS, Darragh was foremost a painter. His knowledge of aircraft painting was forensic. Challenges existed only to be solved. In the early days, he ran the business from the shop floor and infused a sense of quality and pride which is embedded in our company’s culture to present day.

Darragh was a very personable and inclusive leader. He would never ask anyone to do something which he was not prepared to do himself. He was well known by our customers, suppliers and by our peer competitors. Always positive, he was generous in providing support and in sharing his knowledge thus creating the nucleus of a team which allowed him to take a step back from the business, ultimately facilitating his retirement in 2019.

He was always planning the next move and was usually one or two steps ahead. His success enabled him to pursue personal interests and to spend time with family and friends in Ireland, and in particular in Portugal. Darragh will forever be embedded in our company’s conscience and his death occurred at a far too young an age. A life too short; but a life well lived.

We extend our deepest condolences to his wife, Esther and his family. His son, Darragh, heads up our graphics department so the name and legacy of Darragh Hall will continue to be associated with MAAS for some time to come. May he rest in peace.

As a mark of respect and remembrance, our Dublin offices will be closed today, 23rd May 2023.

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