July 11, 2023 Announcements

MAAS installs new state-of-the-art MIS

Thanks to our new cutting-edge Management Information System, we are now able to take data-driven decision-making to the next level and provide unparalleled performance. 

In collaboration with Saral Consulting, our team partnered with the digital wizards at Artefact to digitize two key processes in a record-breaking four months, accelerating MAAS Aviation into the digital age by rolling out the Management Information System (MIS) at our sites.

With a swift transition to state-of-the-art digital, cloud-based operations and an agile DevOps mindset, the implementation of our new MIS was a true team effort.

Bouke van Zinderen, the Project Manager responsible for delivering the system, comments: “The success of this transformation can be attributed to a strong team-based approach that involved making the users a part of the design, build process, and implementation, all contributing to the system’s continued effectiveness and performance.”

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